Los Angeles based duo Holes In The Moon is the writing/production team of Cory Clark & John Wilson III, who joined forces after discovering a common thread in the music they were writing. This merging of ideas forms their self-produced debut EP, “IT’S SCIENCE,” released in May of 2015. 

Combining atmospheric guitars, cinematic orchestral textures, & harmony-layered vocals behind a constant pulse of pianos & drums, the genre-bending “IT’S SCIENCE” plays like a surreal sonic movie soundtrack that sometimes subtly, sometimes blatantly, pays homage to the artists & albums that inspire them.

The seeds of Holes In The Moon were planted in 2013 as Cory sent John a demo recorded as an experiment in production.  Months later John sent Cory a song idea to pen lyrics to.  Soon after, the two realized they had unintentionally created a path to follow down unlike other projects they were a part of.  Cory’s demo for “October Sun” & John’s demo for “Run Again” built the foundation for what was to become the “IT’S SCIENCE” EP.  Writing & production took shape as ideas were passed back & forth online, each recording in their studios at home.

Guitars & vocals are provided by Cory.  

Drums & keys are played by John. 

Both share bass duties.