New Podcast!

Check out the new (newish) podcast I started with Adam Watts!

It’s basically just us talking for long periods of time about music, the process of writing and making music, production, inspiration, and other things we obsess about.

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The Broken City Music Podcast. Here’s a clip from episode 4:

TRYING TO SLEEP Official Video!

Co-written and Co-produced with MELISE and ADAM WATTS of BROKEN CITY

Melise Releases 1st Single!

Trying To Sleep

Co-Produced and co-wrote this beautiful song with Melise for her forthcoming EP WILDFLOWER. (due out late 2018)





Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 9.22.34 PM.png

GHS Quote! 

A hair solo and my beautiful Les Paul. Thanks for featuring me, GHS!

NEW ÆGES video!

Our new video for ANOTHER WASTELAND from the new album WEIGHTLESS is here!

Halloween with TOOL & PRIMUS 2015

ÆGES had a kick ass Halloween this year opening for TOOL, PRIMUS, & COHEED AND CAMBRIA at Monster Mash Festival in Arizona. 

Sold out at 30,000 people, Halloween night was a blasty blast.